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Meeting the objectives of the Strategic Plan


SAA Mali has been working to meet the vision, mission and objectives of SAA 2012-2016 Strategic Plan, to contribute to improving food security and increasing income among small holder farmers.


To attain the objectives of the strategic plan, SAA implements five thematic programs: crop productivity enhancement; postharvest and agro-processing; public-private partnership and market access; human resource development; and Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Sharing (MELS).


The Agricultural Development Support Program in Mali was set-up to reach at least 100,000 farming households. This involves helping achieve food security for 70,000 farmers (half of whom will be women) and 30,000 commercially-oriented staple crop producers including 1,000 off-farm employment opportunities for women. Four-hundred-and-forty villages have been involved directly in program implementation in Mali.


Overall we have seen a significant increase in the production of food for consumption at home and for sale. The demonstrations in postharvest, agro-processing, and the linking smallholder farmers to financial institutions gave rise to increased investment by farmers in postharvest and agro-processing techniques, such as multi-crop threshers and groundnut decorticators. In our intervention sites and the adjacent villages, at least 40 000 farmers are now involved in postharvest services’ provision.




Together our main achievements have been:



Dr Abou Berthe
Country Director, SAA Mali