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Subsidizing production inputs


SAA staff from the Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Sharing theme visit a group of farmers in Zambougou, Mali



In 2012, during the security and political crisis in Mali, SAA Mali implemented the 2012 Emergency Crop Production Support Project funded by the Royal Dutch Embassy in Mali.


The project aimed at supporting smallholder farmers who lost their crops in the 2011 harvest due to drought. The project subsidized production inputs (mineral fertilizers and improved seed varieties) and made these available to vulnerable farmers. The project empowered 256 producers’ organizations to develop revolving funds through the collective selling of their staple grains subsidized by the in-kind reimbursement of 50% of the costs. These revolving funds are still being used by producers’ organizations to procure the production inputs for their members.


SAA Mali also implemented a Market Access Project funded by AGRA. The main objective of the project was to increase the income of at least 30,000 farming households through reduced postharvest losses, improved access to credit and increased collective marketing.


Ten Postharvest and Trade Centers (PHT&C) were established where farmers benefit from postharvest handling services (such as threshing and collective storage), credit from micro-finance institutions and banks. This enabled them to aggregate and sell their produce at competitive prices.