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Farmer Based Organisations (FBOs)


Mali’s National Director of Agriculture with SAA Mali Country Director, Dr Abou Berthe, during a visit to SAA supported farmers








Staple food production in Mali is dominated by small family farming households. These smallholder farmers face challenges such as access to credit. They lack information on best practice and markets, and have weak extension services. SAA Mali recognizes that strong farmers’ organizations are needed for promoting innovations in staple value chains and has been supporting relevant institutional arrangements along the value chains.


This involves forming and engaging farmers’ groups for learning through platforms in both crop productivity enhancements, postharvest and agroprocessing innovations. The program has supported larger scale producers’ organizations to provide support to grassroots organizations. Farmer-based cooperatives are doing businesses through multi-services centres including the Nièt@kène and Postharvest and Trade Centers (PHT&C). They are offering various services (input procurement, threshing, and milling) to their members. They are managing village level inputs shops, bulking staples (millet, sorghum, and maize) for collective storage and sales and organizing members to access credit, warrantage schemes and other income generating activities especially for women farmer groups.


Main achievements of FBOs: